Need to cancel services?  Please fill out the information below.

Reinbeck Telecommunications offers cable, internet, and telephone services.  For rates, please  visit their website here or contact:

Eric Lage

414 Main Street 

Reinbeck, IA 50669


Please contact Eric for all cable, internet, or telephone inquiries.  

Reinbeck Telecommunications also runs the local cable channel.  If you would like your event on the local channel, please contact Eric.

cable, internet, telephone

Recyclable materials are picked up on the second Tuesday of the month.  The Reinbeck Recycling Center is also located at the Napa Store on Hwy 175 and recycling can be dropped off at anytime.  A complete list of what can and cannot be recycled can be viewed here.

Garbage and trash are picked up every Tuesday.  Trash will need to be curbside by 7:00AM.  The garbage and trash go to the Blackhawk County Landfill.  The garbage, trash, etc., must be in a biodegradable plastic bag with the City of Reinbeck logo on it and placed on the side of the curb for collection.  The bags are available for purchase from Trunck's Country Foods.

Special arrangements can be made to dispose of large items and large amounts of trash.  Contact Cooley Sanitation to make arrangements. 



Water meters are read each month and billed monthly.  Billing cycles are from the 16th of the month to the 15th of the next month. All customers are required to fill out an utility application and are required to pay a $75.00 utility deposit. The deposit is kept on your account until the account is closed.  Your full deposit will be returned after the account is paid in full.


Please complete the utility application and submit to:

         City of Reinbeck

         414 Main Street

         Reinbeck, IA 50669

        or email to

Please send the $75.00 deposit by check to the address listed above within 10 days of submitting the application.

Services will not be activated until deposit is received.


City of

gas & electric


Gas & electric utility services are offered throughAlliant Energy.  

 2017     2016


Because water and sewer rate increases did not happen on a consistant basis during the past and because there are a number of sanitary sewer and water system improvement projects that need to be completed over the next five years, the City Council hired Callahan Municipal Consultants, LLC to provide a Utility Rate Analysis for the City of Reinbeck.  Based on this analysis, the city will be  making adjustments as follows:

To view the Utility Rate Analysis click here.

To View Callahan Municipal Consultants notes, click here.